Our projects focus on making a meaningful impact for years to come through preserving our environment, protecting natural resources, and educating people so they gain an understanding of why this is important.

Our vision is to create a world where people and nature can thrive. With your support, we can put the best conservation efforts for the largest impact on nature now and for the future of our planet.

Living Blue

Protect and restore our oceans for future generations. Focusing solely on ocean conservation.

In order to save our ocean, we focus on the reduction of plastic pollution in the ocean and beaches.  We’ve been Living Blue to protect coasts and oceans by supporting water quality testing, community partnerships, beach cleanups, and more.

By educating people about issues such as water quality, plastic pollution, beach access, and coastal preservation, we hope to increase awareness about the importance of protecting oceanic resources.

We believe small efforts turn into big results to protect our oceans. From preventative work to spreading awareness about ocean health and the wellbeing of marine wildlife, we help bring a voice to the importance and consequences of human actions.

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Living Green

Stop deforestation and regrow our forest landscapes, to protect the communities and wildlife that call them home.

We are committed to raising awareness to protect forests and ending deforestation. Through local communities, we are developing programs to raise public awareness of environmental protection. These programs will support the management and restoration of forests, protected sites, and national parks in America, to protect wildlife habitat and reduce carbon emissions.

Forests seize carbon, release oxygen, and protect against global climate change. With community outreach programs, we plan to plant trees where forests have been cleared for farming or housing developments. This will reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and create a more sustainable planet.

We believe America’s forests, grasslands, wetlands, and farms are all a part of the solution to climate change. By protecting and educating, we can address the global crisis of deforestation, and the fate of millions of plants and animal species.

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Carbon Footprint

Combining efforts to support solutions like energy conservation, clean energy, and low-carbon technologies.

By being environmentally conscience, and taking actionable steps, we can save the planet from an ever-changing climate. Small changes in everyday living can add up.

We encourage our communities to recycle, reduce and reuse. With educational programs supporting state recycling laws and launching initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint, we can fight climate change. Also, working with local businesses to find innovative ways to source energy, and how to choose responsible consumption.

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Animal Welfare

Ensuring the safety, welfare, and well-being of animals. Making sure no animal will ever be a victim of willful abuse or neglect.

We are committed to ensuring the safety, welfare, and well-being of animals. Through educational outreach programs, we focus on conservation, preservation, and restoring of animal’s habitats and wildlife. Our goal is to create awareness and initiatives to promote involvement in the care and protection of animals.

Animal welfare extends beyond domestic animals and livestock, and we want to educate the public that ALL animals should be treated humanely. The welfare and humane treatment of animals include so much more than food, shelter, and treatment. We prioritize continuous improvement in animal health and welfare including proper housing, management, nutrition, disease prevention and, humane handling.

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