How Tomorrow Foundation is Improving Animal Welfare on Our Planet

At Tomorrow Foundation, we are not only passionate about preserving our natural resources and environment. We are also dedicated to protecting the welfare of the millions of animals that also call this planet home.

Unfortunately, hundreds of species of animals are on the brink of extinction in the wild thanks to climate change and other human interventions. Factory farming has also put undue stress, strain, and abuse on the lives of livestock animals. And even domestic pets aren’t completely free from abuse, neglect, and lack of a safe and supportive environment that meets all their needs.

Wild or domestic, we believe all animals should be able to live full, happy lives in an environment that gives them everything they need. We’re working hard to create that world by working closely with experts and animal lovers alike to educate and take action on behalf of those that can’t speak for themselves.

So, how exactly are we investing in better animal welfare across the planet? First, let’s explore a little more of what exactly animal welfare means for both wild and domestic animals as well as livestock.

Wild Animals

Habitat loss, poaching, and an increase in the number of annual natural disasters are threatening hundreds of species of wild animals with extinction. We are working with leading environmentalists and local communities to reduce their carbon footprint, fight against aggressive forest destruction for logging and other industries, and create a more sustainable relationship between them and the wild spaces surrounding them. We hope to preserve the natural habitats of millions of wild species so that they can continue to share this planet for generations to come.


Millions of people depend on animals raised as livestock to provide them with the food they need to survive. While we first and foremost encourage people to increase their plant consumption and decrease their animal product consumption, we acknowledge the reality and necessity of livestock to continue to provide people with milk, butter, eggs, cheese, and meat.

That’s why we advocate for the proper care and treatment of livestock, which includes regular veterinary treatment, good housing that includes proper airflow and light, and an environment free of abuse or neglect.

Domestic Animals

While there are millions of happy pets in the care of loving and attentive owners, still more suffer from abuse, neglect, and other miserable living conditions. We are taking passionate action on behalf of these animals to ensure that all domestic animals live in happy, healthy environments. This includes:

  • Adequate supplies of food and fresh water
  • A safe and secure shelter that adequately protects them from the elements
  • Regular vet visits to ensure good health
  • Enrichment to fulfill their crucial behavioral and social needs, such as regular socialization and interaction

Domestic animals bring so much into our lives, and we believe they should get the same love and affection back.

How We’re Helping

At Tomorrow Foundation, we’re taking action to ensure that these standards of welfare are met for animals across the globe. That means taking action, such as:

  • Educating local communities on why animal welfare matters.
  • Advocating with government officials for better protections on behalf of wild, domestic, and other animals.
  • Communicating with professionals who regularly work with animals such as zookeepers, veterinarians, and animal trainers to workshop ways to promote animal safety and welfare in their professions and ensure that the highest standards of care are being upheld.
  • Working with researchers on how we can preserve the natural habitats of threatened and endangered animals and ensure that wild animals have an appropriate habitat to live in for years to come.

Why Animal Welfare Matters

For as long as humans have walked the earth, we have shared it with millions of species of animals that also call it home. It is our duty and responsibility to preserve that home not just for us but for these animals. We rely on them for so much; food, companionship, even work, and they ask for very little in return.

The animals of our planet are also a crucial part of its ability to sustain life. From assisting in food production to maintaining the appropriate balance of “pests” in our environment, animals are part of the delicate life cycle of the planet and should be protected, or else we risk throwing the entire ecosystem off-balance.

So join us in dedicating yourself to helping protect and preserve the lives of animals worldwide who are part of this wonderful planet that we all share.