Tomorrow Foundation Earth Day

Earth Day Beach Clean Up

Tomorrow Foundation and Koala Insulation took action this Earth Day by joining up for a beach cleanup. Koala proudly partnered up with Tomorrow Foundation to help fight climate change one piece of plastic at a time. This organized cleanup helped connect with Melbourne, FL locals in hopes to keep people mindful of how they handle their own garbage – and keep our beaches free from plastics and other debris.

Did you know two-thirds of plastic pollution comes from land-based sources, such as litter being left behind after a day at the beach? Twenty pounds of plastic items such as plastic bags, bottle caps, water bottles, sunscreen tubes, straws, and fishing lines were all collected, only in a few hours. Just think about how many animals could be in danger with twenty pounds of plastic laying around on the beach and entangled in the beach grass. Wildlife, such as sea turtles can ingest these items causing injuries and even death. Plastic is a critical threat to the turtle population in Florida and around the world and is now the leading threat to the health of endangered sea turtles.

Over three hundred thousand dolphins and porpoises die each year as a result of becoming entangled in discarded fishing nets, ropes, buoys, among other items. By removing these hazards off of beaches, it can help eliminate them from going back into the water. Commercial fishing boats are not the only culprit of fishing line pollution – deep sea, river, and beach fishing also contribute to a large percentage of fishing line and netting left behind.

Earth Day reminds us that small action, such as picking up a few pieces of litter on your local beach can help in a big way. By taking action helps address climate change, protects our ocean and wildlife, and fights pollution. Also participating in beach clean-up may result in greater commitment to these programs and may even trigger more pro-environmental behaviors in general.

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